About Finest Grind's Cards

The Finest Grind Card is a re-loadable debit card that makes a great gift for friends and family. Just load it with any amount up to a total of value of $200 and decide who the lucky recipient will be. The Finest Grind Card can be used in-store or over the phone - it's the perfect way to give the perfect cup.

Handy tip: By registering the card with Finest Grind, the cardholder is able to expedite the checkout process and protect the balance, so if the card gets lost or stolen we can issue a new Finest Grind Card of equal value.


What is a Finest Grind Card?
The Finest Grind card is a re-loadable debit card. It's convenient, collectible, and makes a great gift for friends and family.
How do I know the balance on my card?
You can check the blaance at the Finest Grind store or by calling (228) 818-1840.
When I run out of money on my card, do I have to purchase another one?
No, Finest Grind Cards are fully re-loadable in the store with any value up to $200.
Should I register my Finest Grind Card?
Registering your Finest Grind card can be useful because you will be recorded as the card's owner. As a result, we will be able to issue you a replacement card if the original gets lost, stolen, or damaged. (Please note: we can only replace the value on the card when you notify us, so please report any loss or damage immediately; Finest Grind is not responsible for previous value on the card.)
How do I register my card?
Visit our store or call our customer service department at (228) 818-1840.
If I purchase a Finest Grind card online, how will it be sent?
On ordering you specify whether you prefer to pick it up in our store or have it mailed through standard mail.
Can I get cash back on my Finest Grind card?
We do not offer cash back on our Finest Grind Card.